High/Low - Smoke/Fire Drinking Game


High/Low - Smoke/Fire is a popular drinking game where the player guesses if the next card is higher or lower (than the previous card), or smoke (black) or fire (red).

After guessing at least 3 cards correctly, the player may continue or pass. If the player passes, the next player starts where the previous left off.

If the player guess incorrectly, he/she must drink 1 second for each card guessed correctly in the turn. In cases of a tie, the amount is doubled.

Game Play

Just swipe up or down for high/low, or swipe left or right for smoke/fire. Once your selection is made, you will be alerted as to what to do next.

Once the deck is completed, the deck will be automatically shuffled. You may also shuffle the deck at anytime by just simply shaking your phone.